Innovations Driving Sustainable Supply Chain Practices

Achieving Success Through Sustainable Supply Chains

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Our Sustainability Efforts

a2b believes in doing our part to make the supply chain more sustainable. We have implemented environmentally responsible practices in all of our facilities.

a2b utilizes cartonizaton software that ensures that every order is packed in the smallest box possible in order to reduce waste. Taking this a step further, we have partnered with Packsize, using their machines to create boxes on demand, custom made for each order based on items inside. Watch the video and see it in action.

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What is Supply Chain Sustainability?

Supply chain sustainability or “Green Supply Chain” efforts have increased. Customers, employees, investors, and governments are putting more pressure on supply chain companies to reduce their carbon footprint.

Inherently, the supply chain is in the top five most polluting industries. All transportation (both commercial and passenger transport) uses large amounts of fossil fuels. According to Climate Trade, commercial transport accounts for about 40% of all transportation pollution.

At a2b Fulfillment, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. We are stewards of the environment and climate. Our efforts have minimized environmental damage while maintaining and improving the speed and costs associated with order fulfillment.

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How Can a Supply Chain Be Sustainable?

A sustainable supply chain is achievable! a2b Fulfillment has taken steps to lower our carbon emissions, reduce landfill waste, and reduce excess packaging and shipping materials.

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a2b Fulfillment’s Sustainability Efforts

a2b has implemented multi-faceted sustainability programs in our facilities (and continues to explore new initiatives!). As a company, we recognize that contributing to a greener supply chain is our duty – small efforts have a big impact!

Our Green Initiatives include prioritizing renewable energy, optimizing shipping origination, recycling products and materials, and reducing excess shipping materials.

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Green Initiatives can be a Cost Savings!

a2b is partnered with Packsize, the leader in packaging automation. With Packsize’s Right-sized Packaging on Demand® automation, shipping boxes are cut to an order’s size, reducing the amount of corrugated boxing and dunnage needed for shipping.

Because of our partnership with Packsize, a2b has achieved some impressive results:

  • 40% reduction in box size 
  • 20% reduction in corrugated packaging usage
  • 60% reduction in void fill material used

The best part is that these reductions can be attributed to the bottom line for both our clients and a2b. By reducing the box size and dunnage, we reduce shipping costs.

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Renewable Energy in our Facilities

Some sustainability practices are easy to implement, and immediate cost-savings are apparent.

a2b utilizes motion-sensing LED light fixtures in each of our facilities. LED lighting uses 75% less energy than traditional lighting. Motion sensors add to the savings as unoccupied aisles are not lit.

Our renewable energy efforts don’t end there. Our facilities are all equipped with electric forklifts. By using electric forklifts, not only do we create a safe environment for our employees, but we further reduce our carbon footprint.

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Recycling in Our Facilities

Recycling has been around for centuries, historians found evidence of recycling dating to 500 BCE in Athens. Since then, recycling has been one of the most utilized and embraced sustainable efforts. Although a2b cannot trace our roots back to 500 BCE, we can say that since 2001, we have recycled our corrugated materials. We go a step further and procure corrugate and dunnage made from recycled materials.

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Bi-coastal Facilities

Another way a2b makes significant strides with sustainability is by using multiple locations. When your products are located close to your customers, shipping times and costs are reduced. In addition to these cost savings, the amount of fossil fuel is reduced. It takes a lot less fuel to ship a package to California from Utah than Georgia.

By making sure products are sent from the closest facility as opposed to one on the other side of the country, a2b reduces not only our carbon footprint but our clients’ carbon footprint too.

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Why Is Sustainability Important to a2b Fulfillment?

Many companies have noticed that their supply chain is responsible for most of their environmental impact.

In the words of a2b’s CEO and Founder Ayal Latz, “Sustainability in the supply chain is not difficult to achieve, but it does take time, effort, and dedication to implement green practices. At our core, a2b Fulfillment is committed to leaving the planet in better condition for future generations and this begins with taking responsible measures to limit our impact.”

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