Amazon FBM Success: The a2b Fulfillment Advantage

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a2b Fulfillment can help with Amazon FBM fulfillment.

Supporting Amazon FBM

Fulfillment by Merchant

At a2b, we power Amazon FBM programs for brands like yours. It's a win-win. Your customers receive your products in as little as 1-2 days. And you reap the benefits of fulfilling Amazon orders directly.    

Key FBM Fulfillment Features

Advanced Toolset:

  • Purpose-built facilities designed for ecommerce fulfillment.
  • 1-2 Day Ground shipping to 95% of US households ensures compliance with Amazon guidelines.
  • Automated order import, shipment confirmation, and inventory sync with Amazon FBM.

Order Processing and Picking

  • Rapid and accurate ecommerce order processing.
  • Precision in picking and packing for online product shipments.
  • Rigorous quality control checks.

Fast and Cost-effective Residential Shipping

  • Strategic locations for efficient shipping.
  • Negotiated shipping rates tailored for online businesses. 
  • Diverse carrier options to meet the specific needs of ecommerce shipments destined for residences.

Technology Integration for Ecommerce Success

  • Cutting-edge order management system designed for ecommerce.
  • Seamless integration with Amazon.
What is Amazon FBM and does a 3PL help reduce costs?

Why Choose a2b for Amazon FBM Fulfillment

  • Control your data and your brand experience: Fulfilling direct keeps you in control of your relationship with the customer.
  • FBM Expertise: Tailored solutions for the unique challenges of fulfilling on behalf of Amazon. We understand the requirements and meet SLA’s.
  • Efficiency: Advanced technology, automation, robotics, and strategic locations enables us to meet Amazon’s stringent expectations.
  • Cost-Effective: Competitive rates and optimized shipping options for residential deliveries.
Amazon FBM is expensive. a2b Fulfillment can help reduce FBM costs.

How FBM Fulfillment Works with a2b

  1. Online Order Placement - Your customer places an order on Amazon.
  2. Order transmits to a2b - a2b pulls the order directly from Amazon (or from your system if preferred).
  3. Warehouse Selection (Distributed Order Management) - Our system automatically selects the optimal warehouse to fulfill from.
  4. Inventory Management - Inventory is allocated and reporting updates in real-time.
  5. Order Processing - Orders are swiftly processed using automation, robotics and voice technology, ensuring prompt fulfillment.
  6. Packing - Items undergo meticulous packing into right-sized packaging minimizing cost and waste and optimizing sustainability.
  7. Quality Control - Rigorous quality control checks at key points in the process.
  8. Shipping - Real-time rate shopping driven by business rules results in the optimal carrier selection, every time.
  9. Synchronization with Amazon - Automated sync of tracking data and inventory directly with Amazon (or to your system if preferred).

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