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With automation and robotics, a2b revolutionizes order fulfillment

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Revolutionizing Operations

The future of fulfillment is here! a2b leverages robotics and automation to boost efficiency and throughput to new levels. Foot travel represents the majority of the cost in fulfillment. We've reduced it by 90%.

Robotics: The Goods-to-Person Advantage

Robotics: The Goods-to-Person Advantage

In pursuit of excellence, we've adopted the Goods-to-Person model. Our Automated Mobile Robots (AMRs) retrieve products from storage and then strategically place these on a compacted pick wall. This makes for efficient picking and a 90% reduction in travel for our dedicated pickers. 

But that's not all. Our system employs Artificial Intelligence to analyze open orders. It spots similar orders and picks these consecutively. This reduces steps and slashes travel time. The system continually perfects the work plan, ensuring that Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements are met on a consistent basis.

We routinely start each morning with our Picker Wall fully stocked overnight by AMRs, allowing our staff to hit the ground running from minute one.

Automation: Elevating Efficiency to New Heights

Our facilities are state-of-the-art all the way around. a2b's automation systems bolster efficiency and throughput. Key features include: 

  • Conveyors with Zone Diverts: Cartons automatically navigate multiple picking zones, diverting to the precise location where needed products reside.
  • In-line QC Weight Check: Packages divert to the Quality Control (QC) station if their weight deviates from the expected, minimizing errors.
  • Divert-to-Finishing: Orders requiring value-add services automatically divert to the Finishing area for personalized touches, such as cards, gift wrapping, or specialized tasks.
  • Document Printing and Insertion: Customize packing slips, invoices, and marketing collateral with our automated printing and insertion capabilities. Full-color printing is also supported.
  • Shipping Automation: Leveraging an in-line scale, dimension scanner, and print-and-apply system, we ensure every package is shipped accurately.
  • Sortation Precision: Shipped packages effortlessly convey and divert to their assigned trailer, preventing errors associated with tendering packages to the wrong carrier.

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