Competitive 3PL Pricing Tailored for Your Fulfillment Needs

How does 3pl pricing work?

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Pricing Tailored for You

Since pricing is as unique as our clients, you won’t see a rate card on our website. 

a2b Fulfillment specializes in building customized, professional, and scalable fulfillment solutions that fit your specific needs and goals. We begin by understanding your company, products, and order characteristics.  

Our team of experts analyzes this information and then develops a highly customized solution tailored to you, along with associated fulfillment pricing. With this process, we can show you how our proposed solution will add value to your supply chain. Our goal is to present you with competitive, transparent, and sustainable pricing.

But don’t worry, this process is streamlined and can be accomplished quickly.

a2b's 3PL pricing is transparent and customized so our customers get the lowest price for their fulfillment needs.
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What are some of the factors that affect pricing?

Some of the factors that affect pricing are:

  • SKU count
  • Number of orders per week DTC and B2B
  • Number of unique items on an average order
  • Number of units on an average order
  • Average order weight
  • Number of pallets in storage and how fast they turn
  • Which facilities will we deploy
  • What Value-Add services will you leverage
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How Does a2b’s Fulfillment Pricing process work?

We’ll begin this process by having a brief call to ensure that we’re a good fit for one another. Once complete, we’ll ask several questions aimed at understanding your item and order characteristics. Shortly after receiving this information from you, typically in just a few days, we’ll present you with a customized solution and pricing.

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Other 3PLs have rate cards, why doesn’t a2b?

While rate cards are certainly convenient, this model may not be in your best interest. 3PLs that provide standard pricing are making assumptions that often lead to pricing adjustments in the future. Or, these assumptions may be overly conservative, resulting in higher costs to you. By understanding the full scope of your needs, we’ll be able to identify opportunities to add value, all while providing you with pricing that is based on fact.

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What Are Fulfillment Costs?

Order fulfillment costs are the sum of the total charges and expenses that start with receiving inventory, product storage, order processing, picking, packing, and shipping inventory. Value-added services such as kitting, assembly, and returns management are usually additional costs. 

Common fulfillment costs include:

  • Order fees
  • Pick and pack fees
  • Warehouse receiving
  • Storing and managing inventory
  • Standard or custom packaging
  • Kitting (if applicable)
  • Return management and processing
  • Shipping fees

a2b Fulfillment’s pricing is transparent with no hidden costs. We offer unparalleled cost reporting that allows you to see charges in detail.

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Is Outsourcing Fulfillment Cost Effective?

Companies that outsource order fulfillment typically save costs. The biggest reason is that many costs are transformed from being fixed to variable. While most 3PLs have reasonable minimums, the cost structure is largely variable where you pay for what you use. This includes storage billed by the pallet or bin occupied, fulfillment fees for each order shipped, etc. Compare this to operating your own facility where you pay a fixed rent each month, pay employees, even when things are slow, and more.  

Furthermore, you will likely never be able to replicate the same level of efficiency as an experienced 3PL. a2b, for example, utilizes advanced technology, automation, and robotics to make fulfillment extremely efficient. These savings are passed along to you.  

And finally, by outsourcing you leverage the 3PL’s discounted carrier rates. The savings in this category alone can often pay for the fulfillment service itself.  

a2b Fulfillment isn’t a partner for everyone – we are not the lowest-cost 3PL. We provide high-quality, professional order fulfillment services, advanced technology, and valuable expertise.

After 20+ years in business, we know where we excel. a2b Fulfillment is unique among order fulfillment companies. We are equipped to handle high-touch, customized fulfillment services at high volumes. Our facilities are designed to process both DTC and B2B orders as well as a portfolio of value-added services.

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