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A 3PL's WMS is designed to manage and control the daily warehouse operations. It is the key differentiating factor when it comes to fulfilling orders quickly, accurately, and with care. A WMS handles all warehouse processes, including receiving, inventory management, picking and packing, and interfacing with ancillary systems like shipping. A 3PL’s WMS is designed to manage multiple clients with different configurations for each one. The sophistication and functionality of the WMS can set a 3PL apart from its peers.

3PL WMS Software – Functionality that Matters

Most 3PLs utilize WMS systems that are considered adequate, but very few incorporate tier-one systems that are packed with highly advanced functionality and flexibility. Understandably, most companies looking for a 3PL don’t know the questions to ask or even why they are important, but the capabilities of an advanced WMS will result in higher efficiency and the ability to operate with more flexibility, saving you costs and headaches. Below we break down WMS functionality between basic and advanced, to help guide you on what to look for.

Basic WMS FunctionalityAdvanced WMS Functionality (a2b)
ReceivingBlindASN with variance reporting
PutawayManual - look for emptyDirected
Inventory ControlBasic in/outFIFO
Inventory StatusesNoYes - On hand
Lot Number / Expiry Control / Serial NumberNoYes
Cycle CountManualScheduled and exception-based
Slotting and rewarehousingNoAutomated
Warehouse Selection (DOM)NoYes except for handling
AllocationHard onlySoft then Hard
Back Order ManagementNoYes
Order WavingManualAutomated
Waving LogicNone - all open ordersDynamic - Groups orders with the same or nearby items to reduce travel
Order PrioritiesNoYes - automatic based on logic (ex. Amazon Prime)
Discreet PickYesYes
Group PickNoYes
Single Unit Pick ProcessNoYes
Put-wall capableNoYes
Batch ProcessingPossibly - manual uncontrolledYes with system-driven controls
PickingPaper and RFRF
Pick SequencesAlpha-numerical by location nameCustom path sequences
PackingBasic scan verifyScan verify with supply capture
Packing SlipBasicCustomizable
Custom LabelsNoYes
DimensioningManual - susceptible to inaccuraciesAutomated
Weight CaptureManual - susceptible to inaccuraciesAutomated
Integration with shippingYes - basicYes with advanced rate-shop
Equipment ManagementNo - results in wasted timeYes - tasks married with the appropriate equipment
Quality ControlNoYes - QC screens
ReplenishmentNo or basicYes - min/max
Kitting and AssemblyNoYes - Work Order with Bill of Materials and auto inventory conversion
UOM SupportNoYes - Each
PickfacesYes - FixedYes - Fixed and Dynamic
Cross DockingNoYes
Notifications to clientPossiblyYes
Labor MetricsNoYes
Integrated with conveyorsNoYes
Integrated billingPossiblyYes - highly customizable
Online reportingYes - canned reportsYes - built in a business intelligence platform. Detailed and highly customizable
Pushed reportsPossiblyYes - highly customizable
Auto-add items and insertsNoYes
SKU and SKUs/itemsNoYes - automatic
Alternate SKU mappingNoYes - automatic
Auto-carrier mappingNoYes
Returns ManagementYes - basicYes - advanced with reason codes
EDI capableNoYes

a2b’s 3PL Warehouse Management System Integrations

Warehouse management systems are only as good as their integration capabilities. a2b’s WMS is designed with cutting-edge Universal Integration Adapter technology, allowing a2b to integrate quickly and efficiently.

Our WMS integrates with all major shopping carts and ERP platforms, which fully automate exchanging order, item, and inventory data between your systems and ours.  We integrated receiving, order fulfillment, returns management, and inventory, keeping our systems in sync.  

When you partner with a2b Fulfillment, you’re getting a partner invested in your success, with a feature-rich WMS that will save you costs and run your distribution professionally.

The Benefits of a Warehouse Management System

Can a robust WMS save you money while gaining efficiency? At a2b, the answer is Yes!

While there are many benefits to outsourcing your fulfillment services to a2b, leveraging our WMS is high on the list.

The top benefits of our WMS include

  1. Improved operational efficiency: our WMS automates and streamlines warehouse processes. From inbound receiving to outbound shipments, you will notice seamless operations and most importantly, the ability to scale and handle higher volumes.
  2. Reduced waste and costs: From optimizing warehouse space and travel paths to managing expiry stock, our WMS minimizes waste. This enables us to quickly scale our facilities to meet our clients’ demands, while keeping your costs to a minimum.
  3. Real-time inventory visibility: Inventory visibility in real-time provides valuable insights into your business. It quickly identifies SKUs with high or low turn rates, so you can adjust your sales metrics. With this visibility, demand planning and forecasting are easier.
  4. Improved labor management: As labor costs have soared in recent years, a2b’s WMS helps us monitor labor performance against standards. This higher efficiency leads to lower costs.
  5. Better customer and supplier relationships: With our WMS, clients enjoy quick and accurate order fulfillment – which increases their satisfaction and loyalty. This directly improves your brand reputation.

Why a2b Fulfillment

a2b Fulfillment has invested millions of dollars in constantly upgrading our warehouse technology and automation. We understand that these tools lead to cutting-edge order fulfillment services.

Our 3PL WMS has been designed with our clients’ needs in mind. As a customer-centric 3PL, a2b is committed to providing the latest WMS technology. Our WMS provides our clients with the efficiency and scalability they need to grow their business, reduce waste, and improve accuracy.

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