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Drop Shipping

Expanding sales opportunities through drop shipping

At a2b, we understand the benefits that drop shipping programs have for brands like yours. a2b provides unparalleled execution to help you expand your sales opportunities by leveraging new channels via drop shipping programs.

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Drop Shipping

What is Dropship Fulfillment?

Drop Shipping is when a retailer sells a product without ever taking physical possession of the goods. Instead, the seller is responsible for the storage, fulfillment, and delivery. This eases the operational load for retailers and enables them to expand their product offerings significantly. It's a boon for aspiring vendors. Examples of Drop Shipping programs are Amazon’s FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant), SFP (Seller Fulfilled Prime), and Walmart DSV.

a2b understands that drop shipping is serious business. Many retailers put forth stringent guidelines. You must consider every aspect of the drop shipment process. From packaging, presentation, and speed of fulfillment to the choice of shipment carrier and service. 

Retailers' #1 goal is to ensure that orders represent their brand well. Detailed data exchanges with your vendors will ensure seamless communications with customers.

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Drop Shipping

Why Choose a2b for Drop Shipping Order Fulfillment?

  • Pre-Integrated with major retailers, we automate order import, shipment confirmation, and inventory sync with the retailer.
  • Over two decades of success fulfilling on behalf of retailers, via Drop Shipping.
  • Excellent track record meeting retailer SLA’s and presentation requirements.
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Drop Shipping

How Drop Shipping Works:

Online Order Placement

  • The customer places an order on the retailer’s website.
  • Order transmits to a2b:
    • a2b pulls the order directly from the retailer (or from your system if preferred).
    • Warehouse Selection (Distributed Order Management):
    • Our system automatically selects the optimal warehouse to fulfill from.

Inventory Management

  • Inventory is allocated and reporting updates in real-time.

Order Processing

  • Orders are swiftly processed using automation, robotics and voice technology, ensuring prompt fulfillment.


  • Items undergo meticulous packing into right-sized packaging minimizing cost and waste and optimizing sustainability.

Quality Control

  • Rigorous quality control checks at key points in the process.


  • Real-time rate shopping driven by business rules results in the optimal carrier selection, every time.

Synchronization with Retailer

  • Automated sync of tracking data and inventory directly to the retailer (or to your system if preferred).
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Drop Shipping

How to find a Dropship Fulfillment Center

Not every 3PL can handle dropship orders. Just like you need to research suppliers, it is necessary to review and research order fulfillment companies.

Some unique requisites include:

  • Can the 3PL work with your suppliers and manufacturers?
  • Does the 3PL integrate with your shopping cart?
  • Can the 3PL receive large quantities of product?

Dropship fulfillment can be an integral to your business’ success. a2b Fulfillment can handle all of your dropship orders, as well as your other fulfillment needs.

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