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Business Intelligence that Drives Your Business Forward

As a data-driven order fulfillment provider, a2b has invested millions of dollars into technology including, our WMS, OMS, TMS, robotics, and automation equipment. Each of these systems has data points that are valuable, and we’ve combined them all into one online portal.  

Built in a Business Intelligence platform (BI), a2b Engage provides our clients with the 3PL analytics and reporting they need to run their business, optimize their supply chain, and improve their bottom line. Data is power and a2b places it at your fingertips.

3PL Analytics and Reporting

Real-Time Reporting

a2b’s reporting platform, a2b Engage, offers real-time insight into our fulfillment operations, giving visibility into current inventory, orders, and trends. These analytics provide decision-making data so your company can swiftly adapt to changes and trends in the business environment. Ultimately, these insights lead to better strategic decisions, so you stay ahead of your competition.

Inventory Management

Inventory management visibility is essential for you to operate your business. Our reporting dashboard not only displays stock levels but breaks the data down into statuses, including: On Hand, On Order, On Hold, Damaged, Expired, and To-be-refurbished, giving you a crystal clear picture. For lot-controlled and expiry products, full details are available to help you ensure that you can manage and track this stock to remain in full compliance.

a2b Inventory Screen

Additionally, you’ll be able to review your item list quickly, edit descriptions, see item velocity, and manage the bill of materials for kit/group items. And a detailed history report at the item level helps you reconcile your inventory and substantiate every "in and out" that has occurred.

a2b Item Definition Screen

Last, but not least, our forecasting tool suggests stock levels needed for each of our facilities and warns you when you’re getting low. This invaluable tool helps you maintain optimal stock where it's needed, minimizing costs and delivery times.

a2b Forecast Screen

Orders and Shipments

See in real-time, what orders are open, in-process, and shipped. Easily view orders that have exceptions and help to address them. Track any shipment with one button from within our system.

a2b Orders Screen

Receipts and Returns

Easily view which receipts have come in and which are open. See what orders and items have been returned, for what reason, and in what condition. Use these insights to stay ahead of trends and spot potential product issues.

a2b Returns Screen


Our trend reports will help you visualize how things change over time. These include order and shipment volumes, top-selling items, carriers used, and a heat map of where your shipments are going.

a2b Shipping Trends Screen

Historical Data Analysis

a2b’s WMS provides historical data analytics. This valuable reporting capability identifies trends, areas of improvement, and potential growth opportunities. By analyzing past performance, clients can devise strategies based on real-time insights. With this forward-thinking analysis, clients can make decisions that are based on historical experience and empirical data.

Customized Reports

a2b can provide customized reports for your specific needs. Talk to us today.

Why a2b Fulfillment for your 3PL Analytical Needs

We have learned over the last 20+ years that data, reporting, and analytics are game-changers. With the right information at the right time, you can make educated, strategic decisions that drive your company’s growth and profitability. Leverage our large investment in technology and drive your business forward.

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