Value-Added Services

Derive more value from our tailored VAS solutions

Value-Added Services

Value-Added Services Tailored to Your Needs

Looking to save time and money? At a2b, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive suite of Value-Added Services. When you opt for our one-stop solution, you get all the supply chain efficiencies minus the hassle. Explore the key categories below:

Value added services in a warehouse: packaging, labeling, assembly, and customization for enhanced customer satisfaction.
Value-Added Services

Kitting & Assembly

Striving for efficiency? In need of precision? These are at the core of a2b's kitting & assembly services. Our team of experts leads the way in bundling components, packaging products, and creating retail displays. By entrusting your kitting needs to a2b, you benefit from:

  • Inventory Management and Traceability: Our advanced system converts components into finished kits through a structured Work Order process, providing a transparent inventory journey.
  • Cost Savings: Industrial-engineered workflows ensure maximum efficiency resulting in time savings, which equate to lower costs.
  • Quality Assurance: Rigorous quality checks along the way ensure the highest standards of accuracy and presentation.
Reverse logistics and returns management is a process of order fulfillment that requires timeliness and attention to detail.
Value-Added Services

Reverse Logistics / Returns Management

In today's dynamic market, you need a robust reverse logistics program. a2b's approach is comprehensive. By partnering with us, you will recover value from returned products and at the same time, minimize the impact on the environment. Reverse logistics with a2b brings you:

  • Efficient Returns Management: Streamline the returns process and recover value from returned goods, quickly.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Minimize waste and promote eco-friendly practices through responsible disposal and recycling.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Improve customer experience with hassle-free returns, including discounted return shipping options.
Product refurbishment process: warehouse worker refurbishing product.
Value-Added Services

Product Refurbishment

Are you looking to extend the life cycle of your products? Maximize their value through a2b's product refurbishment services. Our skilled technicians are equipped to refurbish a wide range of products, from electronics to apparel. By choosing our product refurbishment services, you gain:

  • Recovery of product value: Regain an item for sale, even if at a discount, and turn a cost into an opportunity.  
  • Speed and Simplicity: With Order Fulfillment under the same roof you quickly realize the value of the returned/refurbished item without having to transfer product between vendors and facilities.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact: Embrace sustainability by promoting the reuse of products and minimizing waste.
  • Update Electronic Products: Opportunity to update firmware, etc.

At a2b, our Value Added Services are more than just solutions. They're strategic advantages that propel your business forward. Trust us to optimize your supply chain, reduce costs, and enhance the overall efficiency of your operations. Contact us today to discover how a2b can tailor these services to suit your unique requirements.

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