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The Future of Fulfillment Technology is Here at a2b

At a2b, we embrace innovation. Knowledge is power. Technology is the answer. We explore and implement solutions that enhance efficiency and take quality to a whole new level. Be ahead of the game with a2b's warehouse technology.

We’ve curated best-in-class technologies in the industry and connected these into one of the most feature-rich and flexible platforms. Here, you get unrivaled power from a 3PL.  

As part of our standard offering, we provide the following systems and capabilities to power your business:

Integration Layer

We integrate with your ERP, Shopping Platform, Marketplaces, Retailers and more via our advanced integration layer. We’re pre-integrated with the most commonly used systems and services. With a2b, connectivity happens in days, not weeks or months. Learn more.


Once orders are transmitted into our system, we pass them through our ETL and DOM layers (Extract, Transform, Load and Distributed Order Manager). The ETL portion can apply business logic. Things like changing item ID’s, applying shipment rate shop codes, and adding items and/or inserts to orders are done with ease. You save programming time and cost.

The DOM then selects the optimal a2b warehouse to ship from. It takes into account proximity to the customer, inventory availability, and custom business rules and preferences. 

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Our enterprise-class WMS allocates inventory based on best practices. It also supports configurable rules including FIFO/FEFO/LIFO/LEFO. The system is paperless. It communicates with ancillary systems, like Voice Picking, Robotics and Automation/Conveyance systems.

You get it all with advanced features such as expiry control, serial number capture, SKU bundles/groups, and much more. Learn more.

Work Execution Systems (WES)

In addition to the WMS, we use innovative systems to make the order fulfillment process even more efficient. Our Voice Picking system interacts with pickers via a bi-directional conversation. This makes for hands-free work. 

a2b leverages robotics and automation to dramatically reduce travel time within the facility. Robots move items from storage to picking areas and conveyors move packages through packing, shipping, and sorting into trucks. Learn more.

Transportation Management System (TMS)

Our Shipping Intelligence system applies logic to outbound orders. This ensures both the optimal carrier and service. The system considers cost and time in transit. It seeks the lowest-cost carrier while factoring in surcharges.

Achieve the perfect balance between time and cost. You'll never overpay to deliver on time.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Gain complete visibility into our operations through our BI platform, a2b Engage. It is accessible from any web-enabled device and empowers you with insights into your organization's data. See Inventory, Orders, Receipts and Returns, Shipping, Forecasting, and Trend data.

The platform offers graphical reporting and deep analytical applications. Key into data mining and trending activities. Learn more.

Contact Center Platform

Our cloud-based contact center platform routes your calls to agents based on skill and performance metrics. Plus, it has encrypted voice traffic and secure call recordings. The platform allows live monitoring and coaching for real-world training experiences.

This ensures that the agents taking your calls are up to speed in record time. The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform enhances call routing and provides answers to common questions. 

Order Management System (OMS) - Available at additional cost

The OMS manages the entire lifecycle of customers and their orders. Consolidate orders from multiple sources, facilitate payment processing, manage subscription programs, detect fraud, and more.

The system is PCI DSS Level One Certified and pre-integrated with leading shopping carts, call centers, payment processors, and other value-added service providers.

Step into the future of warehouse technology. a2b is the 3PL where innovation meets efficiency. Opt for unparalleled functionality. Today. 

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