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Apparel & Footwear

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Fashion is a fast-paced industry with short product lifecycles, high SKU counts, and high return rates. Apparel brands are relentlessly scrutinized by consumers for quality, customer satisfaction, shipping costs, and delivery times. Because of this, brand loyalty is hard to build and maintain.

By outsourcing your apparel fulfillment to a2b, you gain a partner that specializes in the warehousing, picking, packaging, and shipping of apparel products. We manage the order fulfillment logistics of your business, allowing you to focus on product design and marketing.

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Apparel & Footwear

Why Is Choosing the Right Apparel Fulfillment Provider Important?

Choosing the right apparel fulfillment partner is crucial for the success of your business. 3PLs that specialize in apparel fulfillment have the process down to a science. With automation, technology, and robotics, a2b can transform your order fulfillment into a competitive advantage.

Efficient Order Fulfillment

The primary function of any apparel fulfillment service provider is to ensure that your orders are fulfilled accurately and on time.

As your reliable apparel fulfillment partner, a2b Fulfillment has the technology, automation, infrastructure, and processes in place to handle your orders and returns efficiently.

What Makes Apparel Fulfillment Different?

High SKU Counts

Apparel and footwear have high SKU counts due to the number of sizes, styles, and colors. Inventory and SKU management is essential for successful order fulfillment. a2b’s warehouse management system organizes SKUs for optimal storage and picking, using advanced slotting techniques to keep fast-moving products nearest the packing process. This helps shorten fulfillment time and lowers costs through efficiency gains.

Short Product Lifecycle

Fashion and footwear trends continuously change. Products are seasonal, demand fluctuates, and is subject to Influencers.

Apparel and footwear products are seasonal, with high-demand for only a few months. This also means that products have high-turn rates, and then end up in the warehouse for months on end, with little movement.

a2b works with our clients to move outdated inventory through bundling and sales.

Apparel Return Management

24% of all apparel purchases in 2023 were returned. With such a high return rate, it is essential to have a returns management process in place that is seamless for the consumer. A good return management policy and process is essential since 44% of shoppers will not reorder from a retailer if the return process is not easy.

By partnering with a2b Fulfillment, you are outsourcing your apparel fulfillment and returns management to experts.

Cost Savings

Outsourcing your apparel fulfillment can also lead to cost savings for your business. By partnering with a2b Fulfillment, you can avoid the costs associated with maintaining your own warehouse and hiring staff to handle fulfillment.

Additionally, apparel fulfillment service providers often have negotiated rates with shipping carriers, allowing you to save on shipping costs.


As your business grows, so will your order volume. A good apparel and footwear fulfillment provider will have the capacity to handle your increasing order volume without compromising on efficiency and accuracy.

By outsourcing your fulfillment, you can easily scale up your operations without having to worry about the logistics of order fulfillment.

Apparel & Footwear

Why Chose a2b Fulfillment for Apparel Fulfillment?

With over 20 years of experience in apparel and footwear fulfillment, a2b is equipped to get you up and running quickly, efficiently, and with care. With multiple locations, we are close to your consumers, resulting in shorter shipping times.

We have upgraded our automation and technology to streamline picking, packing, and shipping. Our reporting platform provides insight into inventory levels, orders, shipments, and much more.

We offer affordable and flexible fulfillment for a range of apparel, including:

  • Apparel
  • Shoes
  • Hats
  • Uniforms
  • Dresses
  • Baby clothing
  • And more

Start shipping your apparel and footwear with a2b Fulfillment!

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Apparel & Footwear

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