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Order fulfillment is a vital aspect of any retail business, and the sporting goods and fitness industries are no exception. With the rise of e-commerce and the increasing demand for sports equipment, sporting goods retailers need to streamline their order fulfillment process to meet customer expectations and stay competitive in the market.

The sports and fitness industry has grown considerably over the years. Many fitness enthusiasts have moved to an at-home fitness regime in search of economical ways to maintain their health and wellness lifestyle. Selling sports and fitness products is a great industry, but it can be a challenge to stay competitive.

Many fast-growing sports and fitness brands turn to fulfillment companies like a2b Fulfillment to scale their business and improve their supply chain.

Why Is Efficient Sporting Goods Order Fulfillment Important?

Sporting goods retailers face unique challenges when it comes to order fulfillment. Unlike other retail industries, sporting goods require specialized equipment and often have large, bulky items that need to be shipped. This can make the order fulfillment process more complex and time-consuming.

In addition, customers have high expectations when it comes to receiving their orders. With the rise of e-commerce giants like Amazon, customers expect fast and free shipping, accurate tracking, and hassle-free returns. If a sporting goods retailer cannot meet these expectations, they risk losing customers to competitors.

Efficient order fulfillment is crucial for customer satisfaction and retention. It also helps retailers save time and money, improve inventory management, and increase overall efficiency.

Partnering with a 3PL

Partnering with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider can be an effective way to streamline order fulfillment for sporting goods retailers. 3PLs have the expertise and resources to handle the logistics of order fulfillment, allowing retailers to focus on other aspects of their business.

Sports and fitness order fulfillment starts with receiving and storing inventory and ends with shipping to the consumer.

When choosing a 3PL, consider their experience in the sporting goods industry, their technology and processes, and their ability to handle large and bulky items.

Sports and fitness brands partner with third-party logistics like a2b Fulfillment, allowing the company to focus their time and resources on scaling their business, building customer relationships, and investing in product development.

Fitness equipment needs great order fulfillment too. Fitness products.
Sporting goods like basketballs, helmets, and other equipment ready to be used.
Sporting Goods & Fitness

Why Is Efficient Sporting Goods Order Fulfillment Important?

Athletic and Fitness Equipment Fulfillment

a2b Fulfillment is equipped to handle various sizes of fitness equipment from fitness watches to large, bulky items like bicycles. With a2b’s order fulfillment, you can easily increase your customer reach while offering quick and affordable shipping for your entire sports and fitness equipment lines.

How a2b grows sports and fitness ecommerce sales

a2b Fulfillment is a 3PL designed to help sports and fitness ecommerce brands optimize their order fulfillment, so your customers get their products quickly, affordably, and with care. By utilizing one or more of our multiple facilities, you can reduce the shipping time and decrease shipping costs to your consumers.

This method of inventory management is also known as distributed inventory management and has a direct impact on your bottom line. By using distributed inventory management, the brand reduces shipping costs and last-mile delivery times.

Challenges of sports and Fitness Fulfillment

There are several order fulfillment challenges for sport and fitness brands to overcome if they want to stay competitive, increase brand awareness, and increase customer satisfaction.

Faster deliveries

Consumers expect quick order delivery, with 41% of consumers expecting to receive their order in 2-3 days. In fact, from 2020, fulfilled orders took an average of 5.0 days to be delivered and in July of 2022, the delivery times were reduced to 3.2 days.

Click to door speed since Oct 2020
Figure 1: Source: eMarketer

For sporting goods and fitness retailers to be competitive, they have to provide quick and efficient deliveries. By outsourcing your fulfillment needs to a2b Fulfillment, brands can achieve the expected 1-2 day delivery, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Sporting Goods & Fitness

How a2b grows sports and fitness ecommerce sales

Increasing brand awareness

Growing a fitness brand is not an easy task. The industry is highly competitive. When it comes to order fulfillment, there are many things that a brand can do to stand out, and one of those is custom packaging.

Custom packaging is an excellent way to reinforce your brand image, establish a consistent marketing message, and create an unforgettable “unboxing experience” for the consumer. Partnering with a2b Fulfillment, we are experts at handling your custom packaging, so your customers experience your brand from start to finish. 

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Customers no longer hesitate to post bad shopping or delivery experiences. And it only takes a few bad reviews to diminish the brand you have built over the years. Entrusting your fitness and sporting goods order fulfillment to just any 3PL is a risky business.

Experience Matters

Since 2001, a2b Fulfillment has been picking, packing, and shipping orders. Over the years, we have learned that when done right, order fulfillment is a revenue driver for our clients. We have implemented automation, robotics, and technology to optimize the fulfillment process, improve order accuracy, and handle your products with care.

Your goal is to grow your business and the fitness and sporting goods industry has exploded over the years. Do you remember hearing about Pickleball five years ago??

By partnering with a2b Fulfillment, you gain a capable partner that can scale your business. Knowing your brand is in our capable hands, gives you the freedom to pursue growing your customer base. We handle fluctuations in orders and can ramp up quickly when you need.

Home exercise and fitness equipment needs accurate order fulfillment and quick delivery.
Sporting Goods & Fitness

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