The Fulfillment Partner Checklist

Select the ideal fulfillment partner with a2b Fulfillment's comprehensive checklist, covering shipping, service depth, security, technology, and more.

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The Fulfillment Partner Checklist

The Fulfillment Partner Checklist

The choice of a fulfillment partner is critical. How fulfillment services are performed is a direct reflection of your brand. It’s important to take the time to do your homework and select a partner that best represents you and your product.

We created the ultimate Fulfillment Partner Checklist to guide you through the provider selection process.

About the Checklist


The right fulfillment partner can help you compete by giving you access to discounted shipping methods and incorporating technology that will help control shipping costs. Get the right questions to ask when it comes to shipping!

Depth of Service

Many fulfillment providers offer a suite of services, including fulfillment, order management, customer service, backend shopping cart and reverse logistics. This list helps you define exactly which services you need for your business.


It’s important to choose a fulfillment provider who can ensure that the goods entrusted to them are both safe and secure. Learn the questions you should be asking.


To do fulfillment accurately and cost effectively you need specialized systems, labor, management and expertise. Consider our checklist items related to fulfillment experience.


It is critical for fulfillment providers to leverage technology to increase efficiency and provide an exceptional customer experience. Our technology questionnaire will help you find a provider that has a technology plan adaptable to the ever-changing needs of the industry and your business.

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