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September 8, 2016

This year marks 15 years of business for a2b Fulfillment. What started as a small company serving a handful of toy manufacturers within a 2,000-square-foot room in 2001, has grown into a reputable 3PL supplier serving hundreds of companies, across multiple industries and product categories, and now 450,000 square feet of space. Recently, Thomas Haire of Response Magazine, a definitive publication for performance based marketers, sat with a2b Fulfillment President, Ayal Latz, to talk about his entrepreneurial background, his company’s fifteen year journey and Latz’s vision for the future.

Here is an excerpt of the DRMA Spotlight within the August issue of Response Magazine:

“Asked about a2b Fulfillment’s most recent accomplishments or changes, Latz quickly responds, ‘Infrastructure and maturity.'”

He continues, ‘We’ve grown our team significantly in the past year. We’ve increased our talent, depth, and experience across all areas – sales, operations, and marketing. It’s positioned us much better in our competitive set.’

Latz calls himself a ‘believer in responsible growth,’ adding, ‘We have grown tremendously during these 15 years. You have to be ready to meet your commitments, and it doesn’t do anybody any good if you don’t have the backbone to support your offerings. We’re staying ahead of where we need to be as we look to the future.'”

The full article discusses a2b’s expansion into a formidable retail fulfillment operation; as well as the expansion into customer care or call center services.

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