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August 1, 2003

a2b Fulfillment, Inc. has acquired the Spartech Plastics plant on Airport Road inGreensboro. The company is a full-service Third Party Logistics provider (3PL) andFulfillment House, which offers Distribution and Office Administrative services to smalland medium-sized businesses worldwide.

The company moved into the facility in early July from the Athens area. “We chose to moveto Greensboro due to the opportunity with the Spartech facility, abundant labor force in thearea, and the Greene County Chamber of Commerce’s support in attracting new business tothe area”, says company President Ayal Latz. “We are on the fast track for growth andwanted to relocate to an area that would support our plans and goals for success. TheChamber has greatly facilitated our move and will assist us with staffing as we add newemployees. This level of support was key to our choosing Greensboro as our new, longtermheadquarters.”

Founded and owned by 28 year old Ayal Latz, the company was created in January, 2002after transferring operations from Latz’s family-owned toy company, Latz Chance Games,Inc., who has offered the service to toy industry companies for some time. “We began byhelping our fellow toy manufacturers reduce their expenses while covering our ownoverhead. It worked so well for us and our clients that pushing forward and creating a truebusiness out of it was a natural progression”, says Latz. “When we started our toy companyeight years ago, we made the mistake that many companies do by committing to too manyfixed costs, such as warehouse space and full-time employees. Much or all of our sales wentto cover those costs, which remained stagnant regardless of inventory levels or how busy orsuccessful we were at any given time.”

a2b Fulfillment, Inc.’s mission is to help businesses turn fixed costs into variable costs thatfluctuate with their inventory levels and sales volume, allowing them to compete with theirlargest competitors. “Many companies are starting to realize that outsourcing levels of theiroperations to a provider such as a2b Fulfillment, Inc. not only saves them money but doesso in conjunction with providing them with more time and ability to focus on growing theirbusiness. The ability to capture this additional growth can make or break a small company”,exclaims Latz.

While warehousing, inventory control and order fulfillment (includes pick/pack, shippingand transportation management) are the most common services rendered, back office taskssuch as invoicing, payment receipt, web design and ecommerce support, credit cardprocessing and customer service are also offered by a2b Fulfillment, Inc. To broaden itsappeal as a one-stop shop for its clients, special projects and light assembly tasks of almostany size are also performed by the company.

While the company’s employee base has followed it to its new location, Latz maintains thatgrowth is imminent and that the hiring of additional personnel is only a matter of time. “Weare looking forward to support the community by providing jobs in the area”, says Latz.The company plans to announce its employment opportunities in this publication as neededand kindly requests that prospective employees apply for jobs specifically when and asadvertised.

Media Contact:
Gary Latz
Vice President – Marketing
a2b Fulfillment, Inc.
Tel. 866-8437 x 210

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