a2b Fulfillment Expands Climate Control Space

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August 12, 2014

a2b Fulfillment, a third-party logistics provider with a specialty in consumer-direct order fulfillment and customer service, announces the expansion of climate controlled warehouse space at the Greensboro, GA location.

The completion of this project provides a2b with more than 52,500 cubic feet of climate controlled warehouse space, which is double what it had previously. “This upgrade was necessary to accommodate the fast-growing business needs of our clients,” explained Ayal Latz, president of a2b.

The climate controlled space is equipped with a state-of-the-art racking system that maximizes the footprint. Latz elaborated, “The racking system allows us to store more inventory, access it more easily and process orders faster. Ultimately this is what our clients want from us – fast and accurate service.”

Until now, most of a2b’s clients who needed climate control had small footprint items and/or limited number of SKUs. “We are now situated to attract a wider range of clients. For example, with more space we can store, handle and stage larger and more complex product lines,” adds Latz. “We can even handle larger retail orders. This is a growing segment of our business, and as it grows, we will continue to expand the space.”

Climate control differs from cold storage, refrigerated and frozen storage. Climate control is designed to maintain product at room temperature, typically not to exceed 77 degrees F. Humidity is also controlled.

Recently a2b expanded by adding an additional 210,000 square feet of space in nearby Eatonton, GA. “Our Greensboro facility will be the center of activity that requires climate control,” explained Latz. “This helps us to define the uses of the two buildings, so that we can maximize our utilization, creating the most value for our clients.”

Media Contact:
Gary Latz
Vice President – Marketing
a2b Fulfillment, Inc.
Tel. 706-454-0195 x 210

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