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February 1, 2014

Boston-based Mojo Now, the fully-integrated marketing and e-commerce website platform created especially to serve as the online component for the direct response television (DRTV) industry, has teamed with a2b Fulfillment which will serve as a Mojo Now premiere partner providing its industry-standard logistics services to the new website platform. Mojo Now clients can now benefit from a solid and proven integration into all of a2b Fulfillment’s operations – from Order Fulfillment and Order Management to Customer Service and Returns Processing.

“We are pleased to offer the outstanding fulfillment and customer care services of industry-leading a2b Fulfillment, now fully-integrated within the Mojo Now platform. This integration allows direct response marketers to launch their website in 20 minutes, fully manage it on every imaginable level internally, custom create different geo-targeted campaigns to test pricing and sell points – and, with a2b as a premiere partner, bring aboard the resources of a top-tier fulfillment operation instantly and without integration costs,” said Gregory Silvano, President of Mojo Research and Development.

“Mojo Now brings simplicity to what has historically been an overly complicated process. Not only is their platform robust, feature-rich and fine-tuned for Direct Response, it is also easy to use and fast to implement and make changes. This is essentially what a2b Fulfillment is all about as well. We set-up new clients quickly, offer flexibility and our pricing model is simple and fair. These synergies make Mojo Now a perfect partner for a2b and we believe that both firm’s clients will benefit as a result,” said Ayal Latz, President of a2b Fulfillment.

The Mojo Now platform is the result of exhaustive research conducted by parent company Mojo Research and Development, which devoted years to the meticulous development of the company’s groundbreaking technology. For the first time, Mojo Now delivers to direct response marketers a stunning, customized, fully-controllable e-commerce website in minutes – not weeks. The Mojo Now platform also empowers direct marketers with the ability to target consumers nationally, regionally, by specific local markets or hyper-markets. Mojo Now also allows for comparative A/B price-testing and offer flows across different targeted markets – and the singular ability to change pricing or messaging in real time, as opposed to having to wait days or weeks for these critical changes to be made.

About Mojo Research and Development: Based in Boston, Mojo Research and Development is a solution-driven software development company whose staff of senior developers and graphic designers are responsible for the design of custom software for many of the country’s largest corporations and businesses. Mojo Now represents the company’s successful expansion into direct response marketing, providing direct response marketers with a turnkey platform for all their website marketing needs along with comprehensive analytics designed to maximize the success of DRTV/web campaigns.

Media Contact:
Gary Latz
Vice President – Marketing
a2b Fulfillment, Inc.
Tel. 706-454-0195 x 210

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Steve Syatt

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