Georgia: Logistics Sweet Spot

Georgia: Logistics Sweet Spot
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April 25, 2014

a2b Fulfillment was featured in the latest issue of Inbound Logistics Magazine. The piece covered Georgia’s advantages within the Logistics industry and highlighted a2b and company president, Ayal Latz. See the full excerpt below:

Here to There

Logistics operations are all about getting products from Point A to Point B, according to logistics provider a2b Fulfillment, based in Greensboro, Ga., located on Interstate 20, about 80 miles east of Atlanta.
“Our location means we have access to the metro area’s infrastructure, but our costs are lower because we’re in a small town,” says Ayal Latz, a2b’s president and founder.

In the true Georgia spirit of solving problems rather than complaining about them, Latz created a2b to fill a need.
“My small, family-owned toy company needed quality, affordable fulfillment services,” he explains. “After several unsatisfactory attempts at outsourcing, I decided that we—as well as other companies out there—deserved better, and set out to create a cost-effective, service-oriented third-party logistics solution that would help small and medium-sized businesses compete and succeed.”

Established in 2001, a2b began by serving just a few toy manufacturers from a 2,000-square-foot room. “Today we serve more than 100 companies of all sizes, across many industries and product categories,” Latz says. “Our 450,000 square feet of space is outfitted with the latest distribution technology and handling equipment, and our people are the best and most talented logistics professionals.”

One of a2b Fulfillment’s best decisions was locating the company’s headquarters in Georgia, Latz says.
“Georgia enjoys a logistical advantage because of its mature infrastructure, including road, air, sea, and rail; business-friendly tax climate with initiatives such as free trade zones; and geographical proximity to the majority of the United States,” he says. “We chose Georgia as headquarters for all those reasons. Leveraging these benefits allows our clients to provide their customers with a great experience by delivering orders quickly, while simultaneously improving bottom lines by sourcing the least-expensive shipping method.”

The company offers numerous back-end support solutions, as well as value-added services such as kitting and assembly, returns management, and product refurbishment.

Although it is a small town with 3,000 residents, Greensboro is close to some of the biggest logistics assets anywhere in the world, which works in a2b’s favor.

“In addition to our proximity to Atlanta, we’re also located just three hours from the Port of Savannah,” Latz notes. “We receive containers quickly at a reasonable dray cost, then the goods are positioned closer to the next leg in the supply chain, whether that’s for local or national delivery.

“Because our costs are low, we can offer storage, handling, and value-added services at lower rates than our competitors in Atlanta and even Savannah,” he adds.

As a third-party fulfillment services provider, a2b handles large volumes of parcel and LTL shipments. “Most of our clients use a2b as their sole fulfillment facility because it eliminates the complexity of staging inventory in multiple locations,” Latz says. “It is often not worth the headache for them when we can reach the majority of the population quickly and cost-effectively.

“Additionally, our proximity to the world’s busiest airport allows us to support clients with expedited import/export needs,” he adds.

a2b works closely with the Department of Economic Development, the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce, and the Center of Innovation for Logistics to help promote Georgia and offer support to companies considering moving there. “All these agencies are forward thinking and solicit our feedback,” Latz says.

View the full article as seen within Inbound Logistics Magazine:

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