The Need for Speed (Infographic)

The Need for Speed (Infographic)
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a2b Fulfillment
Published on
July 21, 2016

Customer expectations continue to change the way that delivery is structured. With carriers testing Saturday deliveries in select markets and same-day delivery gaining momentum even within the small-to-medium sized merchant realm, it is evident that consumers (particularly those pesky Millennials like myself) are raising the bar on delivery times.

Someday, we may see packages air mailed to our door step as soon as we hit “buy” on the shopping cart. But until this day comes, we suggest your fulfillment operation focus on having the appropriate balance between speed and the cost your customer is willing to pay for shipping.

Where you warehouse your product, how quickly it is fulfilled and the method you choose to fulfill the customer’s order are all critical factors to this balance. Careful analysis in your fulfillment operation could result in significant improvements in speed and reductions in cost. Work with an experienced fulfillment center to understand the choices and make your decisions.

In the meantime, check out our latest infographic highlighting the importance of speed and the factors you should consider when selecting a fulfillment provider.

Why Speed Matters infographic
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