Three Reasons Our Holiday Party was Better than Yours

Three Reasons Our Holiday Party was Better than Yours
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January 3, 2017

Oh, the holiday office party.

The challenge to find what to wear, what to say to those coworkers you don’t quite know and the challenge to be well behaved once the drinks begin to flow and the DJ starts spinning. The struggle, as they say, is quite real.

Though pulling together a party like our “Vegas-themed” one might present struggles of its own; we definitely felt ours was a big hit. Overall, the holiday office party had all the mixings for a good time; including great food, the Electric Slide and fellowship with some terrific employees, their families and friends.

We decided we’d take time to highlight three things we feel set our holiday office party apart in 2016:

1. We recognized some pretty awesome people

Five Year Employee Recognition

This year, there were a total of twelve, yes twelve, employees celebrating five years of service with a2b Fulfillment. The group included employees from everywhere from picking and packing or receiving in the warehouse to sales, customer care and client services. Everyone in the group was called out and provided with a certificate and their own personalized gift in recognition of their tenure. Working somewhere five years is quite an accomplishment (especially this day in age), so give a hand to this talented group that we recognized:

Debbie Skerly
Sherrea Smith
Ronnell Jones
Jose Paredes-Cardenas
Barbara Riley
Maria Pena
Jennifer Lindley
Katrina Tworoger
Charlotte Sherrer
Sarah Picket
Nicohle Talavera
Tocora Daniel

In addition to five-year employees, a2b also celebrated Sarah Field, Director of Human Resources with a2b Fulfillment. Sarah is celebrating her tenth year with the company and has had a tremendous impact during her time here. “Sarah came on board at a time we were small, but growing fast and had little time to focus on employee training and development,” recalled president, Ayal Latz, prior to presenting her with her award. “She stepped in and really established a lot of the principles and guidelines that have led to the culture that we have here today.” Aside from her motivational skills in the warehouse, Sarah, an aspiring artist in her free time, is also responsible for the artwork found throughout the corporate office of a2b.

Sarah Field Accepting 10 Year Award

2. The atmosphere was on point

Held at the historic Festival Hall in Downtown Greensboro, Ga. The venue was absolutely terrific. There was wonderful food catered by Classic City Chef, a great selection of tunes delivered by the DJ and of course, stakes were high on the tables managed by the Main Event Company. Multiple raffle prizes were won from the tickets attendees won at the poker tables and plenty of moves were captured (both good and bad) via camera phone. Which brings us to our third and final point….

Liz Celebrating at the Vegas Style Holiday Party 2016

3. We got down like James Brown, literally

Though plenty of dancing took place throughout the night, perhaps one of the biggest highlights came at the close, when Director of Marketing, Bryce McCuin had his name drawn for the final door prize of the night – a 40 inch Samsung Smart TV. This was perhaps one of the more exaggerated celebrations for a raffle prize that have ever occurred, but it sure brought some nice closing entertainment for a fun office party! Were the dance moves good or bad? We’ll let you be the judge of that!

We are thankful for the chance to gather together with this group of amazing employees. As we’ve said before, they truly are the super heroes of the order fulfillment and shipping industry. We want to wish them, our customers and yourself a Happy Holiday and a very Happy New Year!

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