Customer Service in Your Fulfillment Plan

Customer Service in Your Fulfillment Plan
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July 17, 2017

You pour a lot into marketing and selling your product. There’s developing the creative, buying the media and product performance to name a few. As precious as today’s customer journey has become, you may consider integrating Customer Service in with your Fulfillment Plan. Many Fulfillment Providers will offer post-sale customer care where a customer can call in and inquire about the status of an order, reason for charge, request product information, return instructions, or even to place an additional order. Below are a few of the benefits for integrating Customer Service into your Fulfillment Strategy.

Live Agent, Email and Webchat

A customer may have questions about an order already placed, or they may have received the order and need guidance on use or performance. They may be unsatisfied with the product quality, results, price or delivery time. A well-trained Customer Service team can emphasize product benefits, recreate excitement and give the consumer confidence in their purchase decision. Often, the customer just needs reassurance that they made the right choice.


A well-designed Save-the-Sale program can transform a mediocre program into a success. It has the ability to revive a sale, add incremental revenue and retain valuable customers long into the future. Happy customers spend more and are delighted to spread the word about a great customer experience.

Social Media Management

From tweets and posts to periscopes and snapchats, the channels for customers to communicate about products continues to grow. Response within social media can be critical to a brand’s success. Having a team to monitor and respond to questions as well as negative feedback can ensure that your company is seen as a goodwill partner.

Chargeback Management

A well-trained team can take the headache out of Chargeback Management by working closely with your merchant processor. An experienced Fulfillment Provider will know the proper methods for fighting these and should also be able to help you employ best practices to prevent them as well. Should you have a need to wrap customer service in with your existing fulfillment strategy, we'd be happy to help. Feel free to reach out and share your challenges with us!

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