Webinar - Lessons from the Pandemic

Webinar - Lessons from the Pandemic
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a2b Fulfillment
Published on
October 27, 2020

The PDMI is launching its Fall Seminar Series October 28th with a FREE live webinar roundtable featuring leaders from its Workshop Council.

Join our very own Director of Marketing for a2b Fulfillment, Bryce McCuin as he joins public relations leader, Andrea Pass and Shai Bar-Ziv of Rapid Phone Center Oct. 28 — at 2 p.m. EDT/11 a.m. PDT, for Lessons From the Pandemic.

We’ve all been affected, one way or another. From the personal to the professional, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned 2020 upside down. In the PDMI’s continuing effort to share thoughts from across its membership about how the industry is dealing with the ongoing fallout, this special one-hour webinar event featuring a trio of members from the PDMI Workshop Council will continue the conversation.

What have been the biggest changes and challenges to your business? What solutions have you found that you believe any business can benefit from? And how can performance and direct-to-consumer marketers best shift to a “new normal” in 2021? These leaders from the teleservices, 3pl and order fulfillment, and public relations sectors of the performance marketing world will provide answers to these questions — and more.

This is a free live webinar. For more details, including information to register for the event – visit https://www.thepdmi.com/pdmi-fall-seminar-series

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